HAM MINISTRY is a Christian non governmental organization working toward restoring hopes to the hopeless vulnerable and those still loss in the darkness through sharing with them the gospel of reconciliation to God through Jesus Christ our living hope and peace, providing health care, education, shelter and food to starving orphans and widows in Northern Uganda as we envision a society in which all people's hope is restored; living in perfect relationship with Jesus, having access to quality education and health care with the mission to make Christ known through faithful preaching of Christ's centered gospel, provide quality education and health care.


Restoring hope to the hopeless through biblical counseling, discipleship, inductive bible training, gospel outreaches to villages and the neighborhood, supporting the vulnerable people especially children, widows with food, clothes, medical care and school requirements. 



HAM MINISTRY engage in revealing the love of Christ in the society with wretched understanding of God's love through preaching the gospel of reconciliation to God through Christ Jesus death on the Cross as written in God's holy scripture. We are specifically doing this through gospel outreaches in the villages, inductive bible study, providing aids to the vulnerable.

When you feel led by the Holy Spirit to be involved in any of these ways that's serving with us in a short/long term mission, supporting the different missions financially as well as other resources for advancing the kingdom of God then feel free to connect with us in the link below